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You Owe Us is a group that aims to show that the world’s biggest companies are not above the law.

We have launched the Google You Owe Us claim (led by Richard Lloyd, former Executive Director of Which?), and Facebook You Owe Us (led by human rights campaigner Alvin Carpio). 

Together, we can hold companies to account for breaking the law and our trust.

Find out more about our ongoing group litigations here.


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Facebook, you owe us honesty, responsibility and redress. In 2013 and 2014, over 300,000 people participated in quiz apps on Facebook. Facebook allowed these apps to harvest the data of every participants’ friends list; 87 million worldwide and nearly one million people in the UK. We are taking Facebook to court on behalf of all of those friends affected in England and Wales.

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Google, you owe us fairness, trust and money. Launched in November 2017, this is the representative action against Google in England and Wales. We want to hold them to account for illegally taking the personal data of millions of iPhone users. 20,000 people have shown their support already.

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